Say, Honey, let me show you my parrot!

The Sweethearts We Left Behind

MR2 Dave Moyer
(Ain't love grand?)

(This is the 6th girl who rejected his offer of marriage.)

BMSN (unknown)
"You like me be you girlfriend, sailor? How much money you got?"
BT3 Myers with
newly grown
Kung Foo
and young lady (obviously stoned out of her gourd)
who couldn't
care less.
BT3 Steve Rivara
and a really

(The medallion around her neck is Taiwanese-mandated "disease-free"

BT3 Steve Rivara

(Hangover remedy on night stand)

Taken 10 hours
after above pic.

"If my Mom could
only see me now!"

EN1 Murphy and
a beautiful
Taiwanese admirer.

(The medallion around her neck is the same as Rivara's girl, above.)

EN2 Dave Dyer and a lovely party girl who only charges $2.00 US.

(Please note the lack of the medallion.)

EN3 French & FN Patterson about to get stuck for a round of drinks.

(Hell, it's only tea-water anyway!)

EN3 Mike Martino keeping Taiwanese lovely from escaping.

(Later, she was caught and caged for his personal amusement.)

FN Armando Marcos trying desparately to catch a few winks in Olongapo.

It's tough work being a sailor but, by damn, somebody's got to do it.

Lani, private stash of webmaster, Tom.

"When are you coming back, Tom?
You promised me!"

PeeWee's Tavern - PI 1973
Only ONE smile. What's wrong here?

Playboy Club- PI 1973
Two gals for every guy! Not bad!
MNSN Hartshorn, (Skinny-T web creator)
1st liberty in Sasebo (L) and
1st liberty in Yokosuka (R)

(All other liberties, for the sake of common decency, have not been photographed.)



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